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I'm 42 years old, I'm well groomed, educated and outgoing. I'm single....not married and no boyfriend. I'm an independent provider that makes her own rules.  That's my general info  but I know you would like to know MORE.....

My incredibly intimate and deeply satisfying date experience is an erotic encounter like no other.

If you are craving an endearing and affectionate confidant, you have found me. I enjoy indulging in your deepest desires and fantasies, and hope that you will find my open-mindedness both liberating and exciting. You will find no judgment here.

As we build a connection and relax into each other’s company, I love to simply ‘go with the flow’…exploring your body as you discover mine - teasing, playing and experimenting with all the ways we can drive each other wild. Slow and sensual foreplay gives way to the most intense pleasure imaginable, making our intimate time together an experience you’ll never forget.


I have realized how much I enjoy making others happy in this line of work and find it incredibly rewarding. My goal is to form a genuine connection, as I enjoy talking as much as I enjoy intimacy. No matter what walk of life you are from; I look forward to meeting you, learning about you and your desires.

That said, most one hour dates are exactly that or less.  With me, this will not be the case.  I always allow an extra 15 minutes or so for the "get to know you" stuff or if its our second or third date (or more) the extra time can be  your wind down time. Let me make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and hang out with me. There is no rushing you out the door.  Its about quality time together for you to get the attention you deserve. No, you can't book a one  hour date and stay five hours.....I'm relaxed about clock-watching but I'm not stupid !

For most people, its a little bit of a drive to get to me, so if you went to the trouble of getting to me, plan so spend some time with me. Heck, bring some beer or a bottle of wine (Mich Light and Merlot is my preference), kick off your shoes and hang out a little.

Tantric Touch Session

Sexy, sensual full body touch with traditional finish (don't ask me if you get an HE with this. Its a silly question. If you wanted a therapeutic Swedish Massage, go to Massage Envy and stop looking around online or Adult Sites.

Sensual Touch Therapy is different than Therapeutic Massages !! Sensual touch stimulates your libido, it helps fulfill your need for female touch and it just feels fabulous !! Easy Enough !! I have strong hands and have been know to work out a kink or two, but if you have aches and sore muscles then I suggest you call Helga for that Swedish Massage !!!

My hands are better trained at light feathery touches, finger tip and light nail scratching and sexy rub time in all your special places that CMT's don't cover.  I'm very thorough in my coverage...I know scalp and feathery face titalization can put most men to sleep, so it must feel pretty great ! Oh, its is so rewarding for me to hear the moans of pleasure when I do a light nail scratching on a man's bare behind !! Some butts are ticklish, so I just put more pressure on the scratching and that fixes it !! Its a light scratching so don't worry about marks !! No one will know I was ever there !!

Of course, my amazing hands will finish your session off so that you will be happy and relieved of that built up stress.

Companion Session

Its not necessary to go into great detail here. It is what it is!! We are all adults here (if you are not, then please get off of my site). This is a very intimate session and really fulfills your need for touch and stimulation !!  Its always a little better when its with a sexy girl with a hot bod !!

Somethings to take note of however....I do have safe practices...all across the board in this category. I'm clean and disease free and plan to stay that way. Hey, if you are pushing for unprotected entertainment, then clearly you've been with other girls in the industry that are willing to play unprotected.....so....NO !! I can't risk my health status. The good news is that if you come to me, then you know that you are not leaving with any NEW communicable diseases !!

I'm not a Greek entertainer. No need to ask. Just not my thing.

I prefer no AA men...just a preference. Sorry

NO Men under 30 years old (Older is better for me)

If you are in your 20's, we have nothing in common, I can't see you

I like kissing and am not opposed to it...however, I never promise this in advance. I determine that during my time with you. Hint, hint: Breath mints may help sway things your way. (Just a suggestion, but don't eat a garlic, onion bagel before you come see me ! )

Combo Session

This is just the best of both !! Start with a sensual body rub to get your juices flowing and get you rev'd. Finish with something a little more intimate than the traditional rub session.


I think this is the ultimate pamper session. You really get some YOU  time here. Hot, sexy girl sensually touches your from head to toe and then lets you be a MAN and properly finish.

Hey, if there is still time....no need to rush out the door. I love cuddle time !! Its very intimate and helps set the pace for our next encounter !! As we all know, its always better when we get to know someone....if we take the time to build a strong foundation, our future encounters can be mind blowing !! Invest some time with me and it pays off in the long run. Yes, it sounds like a "relationship", but really no commitments and no strings. Its like having an on-call girlfriend but BETTER.  With me you get all the attention  and no need feel any responsibility to me !

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